Independence Days

Some years ago I came across Sharon Astyk. She blogs about difficult times ahead (peak oil, economic collapse, etc) but in a cheerful, practical, (at times funny) way. She also has a strong focus on growing her own food, and I have found loads of practical advice from following her writing. There is one particular theme she has written about (and published a book on) that has remained with me. It is the idea of “Independence Days” – a kind of daily challenge to think about how we are involved in our own local food production and consumption.

The idea is to regularly reflect on your personal actions in the following areas:

  • Plant something
  • Harvest something
  • Preserve something
  • Share something
  • Waste not
  • Want not
  • Build local community

One of her first references to Independence Days was back in 2008. You can read it here: While I don’t specifically agree with the survivalist crowd, the idea of “Independence Days” has stayed with me, and when I have been sitting down to a home-made fritatta that contains my own organic eggs, tomatoes, spinach and herbs I have felt good about achieving a little bit of my own food independence.

Towards the end of 2011 I was thinking about some projects to challenge myself in 2012. I have decided that each week I will try to do at least one thing from the Independence Days list above. I will record my progress on this blog, which hopefully will keep me motivated and accountable to someone/something!

plant something


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